Core & Community Plugins

We take a look at the core and community plugins - modules that allow you to extend the functionality of Obsidian.


Plugins are a way of extending and adding more functionality to your Obsidian vault. There are two different types of plugins in Obsidian, and we cover them both in this video.

Core plugins ship with Obsidian by default, so they are there once you download the app. They can be switched on and off depending on your personal preferences.

Community plugins are built by.. well, the community! People like you or I who love using Obsidian and want to build extra functionality. We run through some of the community plugins that I like to use.

It's worth mentioning, that the amount of plugins are both a blessing and a curse for Obsidian. They have the potential to make the app very complex to use. One of the biggest complaints I hear from individuals trying to use Obsidian is they feel intimidated by the amount of plugins they think they need to use.

Be sensible with your plugin installs! You don't need to go wild, and you can still have a super effective vault with no plugins at all.


Are plugins safe?

Do I need to install these plugins in the lesson?