Introducing Tags

Tags are one of the structural approaches Obsidian offers. I talk about why I believe tags are powerful, and show how I use them.


Tags are without doubt, one of my favourite things in Obsidian. I could talk for ages about how useful they are when building a knowledge management system.

Firstly, they are declarable in notes (unlike folders) which means you can add structure whilst writing.

Secondly, Obsidian provides you with a tag pane that allows you to have a high level view of all of your tags and child tags. This is awesome!

Thirdly, tags are (for the most part) very universal. If you ever did want to move your notes away from Obsidian, then they are compatible with most other note-taking apps. I could technically move all of my notes onto apps like Apple Notes or Bear and still have structure. Backlinks & properties are much less compatible in this way.