A neat little plugin we can use to give our daily note more context.


For a while, I have been a fan of the idea of interstitial journaling. Obsidians daily note lends itself well to the practice, and even though I don't follow it super closely, I make use of the time tracking element.

This involves dropping the current time whenever you are writing in your daily note.

Useful for a number of reasons - firstly it gives you more context of your day, especially when looking back in the future. Secondly, I have found it really useful to make better use of my day, by spotting patterns in which I am less productive. For me, realising that I naturally write a lot more in the mornings, and do little in the afternoons has lead me to shift my approach to the workday.

We use a community plugin called "Timestamper" to easily drop in the current time in your daily note.